Greetings and welcome to my official cyber headquarters. Thank you for your interest in checking out my stuff. Here you will find virtually all of my music recordings, visual art and writing that I’ve deemed fit for sharing publicly. You will also find some live performance videos, as well as some short films, some of them produced by friends.



BobbyBeausoleil.com is a website intended to serve as a distribution hub for the music and visual art of multi-disciplined artist, Bobby BeauSoleil.  Currently all of this work is being made available to the public on a non-commericial basis, in ways that are free to the public. In due course, when conditions in Bobby's life are more auspicious for deeper and liberal forms of engagement products such as physical albums and signed art prints, etecra, will be made availble on this website. So for that reason you should definitely check in here once in awhile.


Stay Tuned!




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