Bobby BeauSoleil has produced a significant body of musical recordings, visual art, and writings hinting at an indomitable creative spirit despite his having been held behind bars nearly all of his adult life. Among his most notable works is the soundtrack for the indie-underground film Lucifer Rising by filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Recorded in prison in the 1970s, this opus stands on its own as a prog-rock symphony of intense passion describing a fallen angel's mythical journey. Since then BeauSoleil has composed and recorded a number of albums of deep and evocative music, often correlated to his visual drawings and paintings. His most recent musical release is the epic concept album Voodoo Shivaya, a double-length album showcasing BeauSoleil's instrumental and vocal skills and extending his compelling compositional legacy.


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It's not a chick song anymore. CLICK TO OPEN SONG PLAYER


Voodoo Shivaya 2-Disk Concept Album


A deeply personal musical statement from Bobby BeauSoleil, a 2-disk concept album featuring a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks mapping the meandering path of his journey to spiritual understanding. Peter Thelen, editor of the online rock music magazine Exposé, reviews Voodoo Shivaya. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER


Lucifer Rising


Forty years or so ago Bobby BeauSoleil conceived of the music for Lucifer Rising as a single continuous piece of music, a 45-minute rock symphony. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER


The Lucifer Rising Suite


Original soundtrack and project recordings anthology. Cover art by Dennis Dread. Legendary original soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's film - a psychedelic classic. Plus outtakes and soundscape explorations. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER





An oddball collection of psychedelic electronica. Produced at Oregon State Penitentiary, 2012-2014, and including some musical collaborations with prisoner musicians at the Penitentiary. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER


Dancing Hearts Afire


Bobby BeauSoleil solo album.  Haunting groove music featuring passionate acoustic and electric guitar performances on a bed of synths and pulsing Asian and tribal beats.  Recorded in 2013 at Oregon State Penitentiary. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER


Lucifer Rising


The original motion picture soundtrack, unabridged. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER



Bobby’s BeauSoleil’s ode to peace. A single long instrumental of ambient music performed on electronic keyboards. Intended to promote higher levels of clarity. A soundtrack for contemplation, relaxation, meditation, or to help create a peaceful space for work. Recorded at Oregon State Penitentiary. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER




Bobby BeauSoleil explores the world of imagination in this mystical symphony performed on guitar and electronic instruments. Recorded in 2001 at Oregon State Penitentiary. An instrumental modern symphony in a sequence of themes that circumnavigate the sphere of an inner dreamworld and explore deep mysteries. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER


The Orkustra


THE ORKUSTRA: Experiments in Electric Orchestra from the San Francisco Psychedelic Underground, 1966 - 1967. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER




Bobby BeauSoleil solo album. Groove music for the soul performed on guitars and synths.

Recorded in 2000 at Oregon State Pen. Now available as a collection of seven richly detailed instrumentals on CD. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER


Running with the White Wolf


Bobby BeauSoleil solo album of dreamy instrumental compositions performed on guitar and keyboards. Includes the 14 minute ‘Medicine Man’. Recorded in 1996-97 at Oregon State Penitentiary. CLICK TO OPEN ALBUM PLAYER

Bobby BeauSoleil - All Tracks



Red House


A soulful interpretation of the blues classic penned by Jimi Hendrix. Bobby is joined by Shawn A. Harris on rhythm guitar. CLICK TO OPEN SONG PLAYER

OM's Law


Bobby's never before published 30-year-old recording, OM's Law, that showcases his invention, the Syntar. CLICK TO OPEN SONG PLAYER

Who Do You Love


An original arrangement and rendition of the classic song first recorded by Bo Diddley in 1966. Sung and performed by Bobby accompanied by Jon Rhoads (bass), Shawn A. Harris (elect. guitar, rhythm) and David Michael (maracas). CLICK TO OPEN SONG PLAYER



The deeply haunting melody is performed by Bobby on electronically bowed guitar. This composition was originally slated to be part of the actual Lucifer Rising soundtrack but was preempted by a live performance recording. CLICK TO OPEN SONG PLAYER

Ghost Highway


And now for something a little spooky ...


Ghost Highway is an extended psychedelic instrumental built on a freestyle performance in front of a live penitentiary audience, summer 2014. Chad Hamlin, bass; Timothy Hill, drums; Bobby BeauSoleil, guitars and recording production. CLICK TO OPEN SONG PLAYER

The Wailing on Witch Mountain


It is said that at Samhain the membrane that separates the ones who are living from the ones who have gone before stretches to its thinnest, and may even become so insubstantial that voices and visions and other strange things will pass between.  A spooky, high-spirited romp, like a wolf dancing and howling at the moon, in celebration of the only question that, ultimately, is worth asking. CLICK TO OPEN SONG PLAYER

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